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Friday, February 19, 2010

Teach Your Children Well

 Today is a genuine sick-day. Yesterday and the day before Ru was sick and now both boys qualify...and just minutes ago, before he headed out for a walk A told me, "I don't feel so well." *groan*

So, I'm doing lots of hugging, and changing clothes, and back rubbing and brow mopping and Saltine cracker serving and not a lot of very active anything. Leaves time for stiller projects: thinking, reading, research (houses, houses, houses...oh and California!) and laundry folding and sorting.

Seems like Ru ought to be out of the woods sometime soon and that will feel hopeful. I still feel okay and I'm hoping and praying and stubbornly believing that I'll be okay. Here's to optimism.

All that to say that one of the things I've been mulling over for a while is this list which, I thought I'd share with you since my sick bed nurse duty has given me the time to think of the last few additions. With my poor, sick boys in mind, and my thankfully, buffered and protected from illness tiny baby....I present to you:

Things I Want My Children To Learn

1. To walk with God
2. To follow their artistic urges
3. Self esteem
4. Deep compassion
5. Environmental responsibility
6. A can-do attitude
7. How to entertain themselves
8. Respect and love for elderly people
9. To be helpful
10. A love for beauty
11. A spirit of cultural adventurousness
12. Good old fashioned etiquette
13. Optimism
14. Everyday biology
15. Chutzpa
16. The value of friendship
17. Respect for and love of animals
18. Appreciation for hard work
19. Physical activity
20. How to read music and sing a part.
21. Love for books and stories
22. To value their family history
23. How to fish
24. How to keep their own houses
25. Generosity
26. Humor
27. Integrity
28. To be articulate
29. To mix with all types of people
30. Curiosity preservation
31. How to let go
32. To be a good judge of character
33. How to receive graciously
34. How to laugh at themselves
35. Patient stillness

What's on your list? Anything weird on mine?


  1. Wonderful list, don't forget
    Finding their way through a tool box
    lessons for a good marriage