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Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Catalog of "Dee-lights"

I'm slowly working my way through capturing all three boys, (if you hadn't guessed already) so, today our middle-man. Dee is fabulous through and through, a completely and thoroughly different animal from his brothers and such a very concentrated personality. Love him to pieces.

Dee Likes:
  • Knobs, buttons, levers, locks, screws....any tiny, little mechanism
  • Seafood of all kinds...if it lives in water, he'll eat it with relish. You asks for canned sardines as a treat. 
  • This book.
  • Ataulfo mangoes...not the standard variety which he rejects summarily. He cares a lot about texture. The normal mangoes are too stringy but Ataulfos are super creamy and smooth. He and I eat them together. :)
  • Painting! (He and his big brother can do this together by the hour)
  • Maple syrup (he'll scoop it off the top of his plain yogurt at breakfast and slyly sip it away and ask for more...not that that plan really works our for him, but he does try)
  • Milk, yogurt, cheese, butter and cream, cream, cream. He's our dairy boy. He'd be very happy to never drink anything else. I try to get him to drink a little water now and then.
  • Forklifts...not sure where that came from, but its a downright obsession.
  • Black olives...he loves manipulateable food and gets no end of fun out of capping all his little fingers with olive hats.
  • His penis. (Well! I'm just saying!)
  • Closing doors. He's kind of compulsive about making sure nothing is ajar. It bugs him.
  • This song. Makes me smile all the time that my two year old walks around singing The Beatles.
  • And also this song.
  • The concept of "treasure." He's always hunting it and showing it to me and talking about some.
  • A's dad. He talks all the time lately about how he "wikes Grandpa Awen...he so nice!"
  • Sitting on the toilet. Not sure why. Maybe its great to be alone in there or something? He'll sit and sit and sit and sit...we've started instituting time limits.

 Dee Abhors:
  • Keeping his shoes on in the car...I'm really trying to teach him this, especially as the cold weather approaches.
  • Changing his clothes.
  • Having his hair washed.
  • People laughing at him, even in a kind way...he really can't handle it.
  • Going down the stairs...not sure why this is suddenly a huge panic button issue, but...yeah.
  • Taking naps. He's ridiculously hard to put to sleep these days...far harder than his older brother.
  • Hard boiled egg yolks....he peels the whites off and eats them and hands me the pale yellow ball of "yucky part"
  • Crowds. He loves it when everyone goes away and he's alone or all the other kids go away and he has a few select grown-ups to himself.
  • Spots on his food. He picks them off or cries broken-heartedly....depending on how high his energy tank is at the moment.
  • Being sticky. He will happily play outdoors and get all muddy but he'll be beside himself if he gets jam all gummed all over his arm.
  • Being put on the spot. He'll melt down instantly. He is not the kind of kid you ask to do a few party tricks for your friends. Heh.
  • Spicy foods. He will cry and wipe his tongue with his hand frantically and say, "Its too picey!
  • Having his portrait taken. You have to be very subtle to take a good picture of him. There's no way he'll go for "Smile, Dee!" Insta-sob-fest.

These photos of just make my heart pitter-patter. You can feel so palpably what a sweet soul he is. He was just delighted with the fact that he'd been given this tiny pinwheel at church and then that he'd discovered the wind would blow it outdoors. I love how fixated he was and how placidly pleased it made him. I loved it when he closed his eyes to see how it felt too. 

This particular little guy has been quite difficult to parent in some ways, but that particularity also makes him such a wonderful and fascinating little person. I can't wait to see what he becomes.


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