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Monday, November 29, 2010

Sometimes It's The Little Things

We are back home and I am steeping myself in the completely restorative feeling that comes from being in your own element again, being master of your own destiny and returning to routine, health and some semblance of normalcy. To really "get" what I'm feeling, see my astute sister-in-law's post about her own homecoming experience here. Plus, you get to see three portraits of cute small people. *wink wink*

I have been thinking lately about being a detail person. I really am. Sometimes planning throws me into such a horrific muddle because its all predicated on being a big picture person and the big picture often makes me quite dizzy. Trip planning is hard for me, and in some ways being around my in-laws is hard for me because they are a whole clan of big picture, strategy, logical thinking folks. I am a bit odd in their midst, although clearly loved and welcomed.

Today, I'm reveling in being back in my own house where nobody cares if I have an organized grasp of the big picture and there's no committee of logic analysis. There's just me and my silly, over-observant world....and it's okay.

Here's a little taste of what I've been savoring the past couple of days, little bits of goodness still soaking into my spongy, introvert's cerebrum.

First of all, witness the sweet, black olive above. We were having olives with lunch today and when I opened the can and poured them into the bowl there was this little twiggy bit in the midst. I went to pick it out and plucked up this stubborn little olive still holding its stem, not just a stray bit of debri. I feel like I stumbled on a slightly more alive piece of food. This olive made it all the way through the ripening, picking, washing, sorting, pitting, canning and distributing and kept it's own little stem with it, the whole way along. I love tiny reminders of real vibrancy.

"Hello! I'm an olive...I grew on a tree. See?"

 Secondly, A, the boys and I, bunked with some family friends on our drive home from family Thanksgiving festivities. This particular couple is quite eccentric, sometimes intimidating and always provocative in some new way. I know that there are lots of ways in which I "ought" to be sort of nervous around them and I'm sure many people are. They are frighteningly intelligent, elegant and proper, ferociously impressive in four thousand ways. But, see, the wonderful thing is, they are also interesting, generous, artistic and very warm...and I like them immensely.
One of the things I love about visiting their house is that the lady of the house is a great interior decorator. I love treasure hunting around the place on the sly, there are so many wonderful little touches, tucked here and there.
Myriad little bits of homey, artistic goodness.
I hope someday my own house will ooze the kind of layered creativity, charm and artist's spirit that hers does. I wish I had taken more pictures and I am looking forward to our next visit.

Then the last setting I want to share is even further back, a couple of days ago while we were stationed with A's family. We took a little family outing to the Frederick Meijer Gardens and although I did enjoy the Christmas trees from around the world displays and the staggering greenhouses filled to brimming with moisture and botanical life...I couldn't get over these little paper flowers that were tucked near the side of Vietnamese display area.
Look at how fabulous those are! The little petal shapes are wired onto real branches and some of them are double layered to created ruffled fullness and a few even have a shimmery bead sewn in the center to add a flick of glitter. I was just so struck by them. Am I insane to consider making my own for early cabin fever displays in March?

Then, after we'd wandered through the whole building, enjoying all the highlights of the offerings and taking pictures and discussing the high points together...we went to get our coats and on the way to the coat check room I peeked at the little cafe on the side and discovered this hidden gem, flaming across the ceiling in secret, hidden brilliance.
Is that not breathtaking?

Gosh, I love Chihuly. Happy homecoming to all the others out there who were traveling, I wish you many moments of small beauty and the bright, clear eyes to see it when it appears.


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