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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Hair Raising Tale: My Long Hair Goal

Me, with braid waves, 2007

The only really good hair shot I have of 2008

A light blow-dry job...mostly straightened...2009

Very early 2010....natural waves.
Sometimes its the simple things that make my day. Sunday I asked A to trim my hair. I'd been trying to grow it out with my goal being lush, even and hip length. Well, after a long period of accidentally skipping having it trimmed: lots of busy craziness, wild schedules, pregnancy and then birth, house shopping, lots of travel, moving....etc. There was just not a lot of hair trimming going on. I kept the boys trimmed and just kept putting mine up and planning to do it later.

Then I noticed that my hair, albeit a bit neglectfully, had reached my goal length and was indeed down to my hips. I still had in mind to trim it up nicely so that it looked more full and healthy, then I was all unsure. So, I waffled for a couple of months about whether to leave it and hope it grew in thicker and nicer looking eventually or trim it off where it was healthy and lush.
EEK!!! My at my most unhealthy (and yet longest) look in years...a couple of months ago.
I waited and I tried to love it just because it was longer, but I couldn't do it. And so, A finally weilded the scissors for me and gave it the old snip snip. And now...I can't stop touching it! It feels so silky and healthy and full.

I will still be working on growing it out, but this time I'll try to not ignore those maintence trims I need to keep it even and healthy looking. I love ultra-long, but I have to have it look healthy or I start to feel really shabby and won't wear my hair down. As soon as I'm wearing my hair up everyday, I know its time to give it a little more attention.

If you're interested in caring for your hair more carefully or maybe even growing it out yourself, you should check out one of my favorite sites on the subject: The Long Hair Loom, chock full of long haired ladies who are loaded with tips for healthy hair care. Have you ever oiled your hair? Slept on a satin pillowcase? Pitched your bobbypins? Braided your hair at night? They can tell you all about those healthy hair tidbits and more. I've learned a lot and hope to power on and eventually get to my thick, full even hip length goal.

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