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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Making Things Season

We're starting to really think about Christmas around here. Not that we're decorating or anything like that, but we're starting to think about making things. Its that time of year.

 We will mix up cookie dough and put it in the freezer anytime we get a free moment from now till the 25th and this weekend I hope to sit down and make up lists of make-able gift ideas for all the people I can. We buy gifts too, but I like to reinforce every year the idea that our hands are still useful, creative and elegant instruments that are quite capable of making something well-loved...even in our modern age.

Yes, you can just get on Amazon and buy everything you need. (I've done it! And there's a certain freedom there too.) but there's something really soul feeding about making a lovely thing for someone you care for and seeing them unwrap it carefully on Christmas morning. This year we have a mortgage in our budget pool so that means there's even more incentive to get out of the mall box and start dreaming up gifts here at home.

 We have finally run out of this wonderful large packing paper that our movers used around our goods, so that means the boys are a little restless for something creative to do with their hands. Just in time...I could use a few more tiny creative hands.

I'm even starting to think about taking up my knitting needles again.  I guess cold fingers will do that to you. *grin* Remembering the success of my hat knitting venture from last year and thinking sort of bravely of making a little sweater for Nib. So scary! Argh! Somebody tell me I can do it.

I also found instructions online for finger knitting by accident and was enchanted with the idea of teaching Ru because he pesters me endlessly about "teaching him to knit" although I've tried and obviously, wielding the needles are a bit much for him at the age of 4. This might be the perfect solution.

Am also starting to think very deeply about gifts for the boys for Christmas. I have decided to do three gifts for each of them...which may be objects, experiences or some other idea. I want to come up with a gift for each boy's: mind, body and spirit.

And look at that jolly baby! If its even reasonable to call him a baby. You can't see in that picture but he's managed to cut through his two front teeth at 5 months of age. He's still sleeping beautifully, grinning ear to ear and astounding me with his easy-going calm. He's a very good natured little person. I can't wait to see what he's all about as he unfolds more and more.


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