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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yulia's Fall

 I model "Yulia Tymoshenko hair" in Dee's 3 mo. photo shoot

I am only slightly informed about international politics but, I do pay a small amount of attention to Russia. I have to admit Putin makes me nervous. I am worried that he's on a track Russian leaders have tread before...expansionism, authoritarian rule and an ever tightening vise grip. Not my favorite.

So, when a fellow blond with a trademark gorgeous hairdo stepped up to the plate and challenged the people to revolt against corruption and stands against the machine Putin has put into motion...I noticed. I remember when Yulia Tymoshenko co-led the Orange Revolution and I heard about the people pouring into the streets of the Ukraine in orange clothing, full of determination and courage and I was totally inspired and felt like there was hope for Eastern Europe. I truly believe the only way that part of the world will ever rise again and achieve a healthy success is if the people stand against corruption and are strong enough to demand something better. 

And then Yulia rose through the ranks from wealthy revolutionary to prime minister to President of the country. I was so excited and remember how cool it was to see her on Forbes Magazine's list of "The World's Most Powerful Women" (she was third in rank...after Condaleeza Rice and Wu Yi, China's Vice Premier, minister of health). A woman of beauty, spunk and brilliance who was making a difference, standing for good in the face of turmoil way over there on the other side of the world. 

Today she and her cabinet were sacked, legally or not...its not quite clear. There was a vote for the latest presidental elections and her opposition claims he won. Yulia's people are crying foul and asking for re-votes and investigations but it isn't clear that they'll get it. As of now it looks like she'll step down as the country's leader with her fist raised and continue to lead the opposition in the country. Those who aren't happy with Russian alliance, with old ways or with heavy industrialization and will try to check the powerful advances of the newly elected government. I feel for her...it must be really scary to be stepping down and handing everything you've accomplished, all your striving to join the EU, all the economic work, all the Putin criticism off and see someone you disagree with strongly take over the future of your country.

I wish her luck...and may God strengthen the will and courage of the people of the Ukraine, whomever rules.


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