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Thursday, March 11, 2010

In A Baby State of Mind

 The view from here lately. (fyi, have a pink shirt on...am not naked)

Am starting to feel a massing whirl of pressing baby To Do's whirling in my mind around the clock. I sat down yesterday and wrote a list of all the things I want to get done before the new one arrives and have started hacking into them.

The boys helped me haul and dump all the kid and baby clothes and supplies out of their closet and pile them on the floor in their room. Then we organized it all within an inch of its life. Two big bags of Goodwill supplies and several neatly labeled cubical boxes later, I feel a lot better. All the clothes are organized by size and tagged on all four sides to that effect.

The boys share a dresser and I was starting to wonder where in the world I was going to put the baby's things when it came to me in a dream. (Really!) I love it when my brain works overtime...all I had to do was consolidate the storybooks onto one bottom shelf and then do a little more shifting and two spare shelves would appear...then I saw in my mind the perfect arrangement of wicker baskets in rows.

Thankfully, Michael's had just what I had envisioned so it took one trip to the store and they were all plopped in a place. Huzzah! Feels great to be accomplishing. I have just started to fill one of the boxes with tiny socks and have a bin next to the bookcase all stocked with the baby blankets and the tiniest of the cloth diapers. I was surprised after putting my newborn clothes collection through two boys how small it had become. After a few rounds of diaper blowouts and spit-up stains its amazing how briskly things are culled right down. I'll need to go out and hunt up some more onesies for sure. One nice thing about a May baby is that I won't worry nearly so much about leggings and socks, and tiny shoes and sleepers...it will be warm so fast that all those things will just get in the way. Onesies may just do the job....and a few little pants to throw on for cool evenings. Sounds pretty idyllic.

I ordered myself a maternity bathing suit so that I have one pretty thing to wear for our trip to California next month and I made notes of all the supplies I would like to stock up on from birthing snacks to nursing tank tops and even found a cute nursing friendly bathing suit that might be worth investing in for the hot weather to come.

I am feeling less panicky and more on top of things, just getting a little bit done and getting all that stuff out of my head helps a lot. Did ever tell you all that I sleep with a blank note pad next to my pillow so that I can jot down the frantic lists whizzing through my brain and allow myself clean sleep? I'm just that tied up by my own worries. Its good to let go.

Am thinking tomorrow might be a good day to sit in the sunshine with the baby booties I started at Christmas and finish them up...another quick hit of accomplishment.


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