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Thursday, March 18, 2010

He's A Big Boy Now...

Demonstrating his new skillz

We're back to potty training again! Today was the first day on the "New Plan" with Dee. This meant that I didn't put a diaper on him once today and I spent a lot of time reminding him to go to the bathroom and taking him to the bathroom and reminding myself to remind him to go to the bathroom. Good times. Thankfully, he's more easy going about this whole enforced toilet use business than his brother and I am a more sedate and easy-going mommy than I was with his brother.

We have had some protesting when I tell him that its time to go but, no real meltdowns or genuine tears. And he caves fast and pees pretty much every time. We had about four misses today and many more hits, I never bothered to count. He's a real pro actually. Pretty much all of those misses were when I slacked off on reminding and taking him and once he even had to go and knew it and wanted to tell me but, suddenly panicked and didn't have the words to explain and just stood in the hall with legs apart, crying.

I notice I'm a little slow on the draw. I didn't catch on to that one for a good while. Poor kid. By the time I had it figured out and had him on the potty chair he needed new underwear again. Speaking of new underwear...I have to put in a load of laundry before I go to bed to make sure there is a constant supply.
 All muddy from playing outdoors in the amazing weather

But, yeah...its been long enough since I waded through this with Ru that I'm surprised what I had forgotten. I forgot that you don't start out with pants on...you just do it with underwear and then work up to pants when they become reliable. Right. I remembered that after the second complete lower outfit change of the day. Tomorrow is a new day.

But, I do have to say, I'm super proud of him for using the toilet so frequently today and I'm super proud of myself for never turning into grouch mommy. So far so good. I think the thing I'd really like to see him catch onto next is self initiating. He sometimes will take himself but, mostly he's just hanging out being passive, waiting for me to tell him to "Go now!" Anyone have any tips for that part? I forget completely how I got Ru to grasp that concept...if at all I really did anything specific.


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