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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Saints Came "Marching" In....

 Quiet weekend moments

March is here....the first month of spring. Only 18 more days until we get there! This last bit of winter suddenly seems tolerable. Less than a month, just a handful of days, and so much to do to get ready for our upcoming trip to California, house shopping and Baby Bird...arriving in just the blink of an eye.
One last confectioner's sugar snow on Friday night.
I have a swamp willow outside my bedroom window and last week sometime I happened to glance up at the top branches of the tree silhouetted against the sky and noticed that the buds on the tree had swelled like so many strings of beads, little round strands of future pussy willows all down each slender branch. This morning there were small silver tips on all those buds. I saw them glinting in the sunshine when my eyes first popped open. All the snow has melted again and the birds are still around, singing their little hearts out every time the cold lets up and the sun shines again. Its only a matter of time now...and March is here so the time is short! 
Bradford pear buds...all full and fuzzy.
We had a great weekend: dinner with friends, sleeping in, a wonderful midwife appointment where we heard the heartbeat loud and clear and confirmed that Baby Bird is securely head down, and a good bit of tasty food to boot. Just the sort of thing that you want to launch you into Monday.
Yours truly...thinking spring thoughts in your direction
I have to admit that although I'm making the weekend sound like a dream, I also had a good fierce cry or two, felt totally deflated about my dream farmhouse selling and left the laundry undone for far too long. But this is real life, right?...and truly, if I can feel this good about life again on Monday morning, I can't be too far off course. There are other houses out there and even though I feel like the wind is gone from my sails, there's no loss in looking more...and the truly perfect place might just be out there waiting quietly.

 Ru, cleverly using his new kid-sized oven mitt to pull out hot toast

In the meantime, our CSA sign-up came through and we're all memberized for the upcoming growing season, and I've been up to get fresh milk and eggs today which, always makes me feel more hopeful. On to the rest of a very promising week!

Must be spring.....we've had our first fall in the mud.


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