"She refused to be bored, chiefly because she wasn't boring." Zelda Fitzgerald

Monday, October 11, 2010

Catching Up...*pant pant*

I bought curtains. Today was the day. We'd been freezing in Vermont all week and I'd been gulping mugs of tea and snapping a lot of pictures of crisp autumnal scenes and suddenly we were home and it was imperative that we have curtains on our windows. I am also itching to get out the flannel sheets, put away the shorts and light a lot of decorative candles.
Am still searching out the ingredients for yet another apple cake and plan to try a good hack at that this week sometime. Am also hoping to bring in from the garage a huge area rug that I found on a curb (truly, it was in fabulous shape!) and tuck its cozy self into the library on the third floor. As I type I am remembering just how heavy said rug is and adjusting my mental plan. Maybe A will have to help me. It is a long way up the third floor.
Tonight I roasted a duck for dinner. A lovely, free-range, organic duck that we bought from a farmer in Vermont. I didn't cook it quite long enough. All the same it was good...(I love duck)...and the gravy I made was exceptional. I recommend making a stock from the giblets to add to your gravy.

Ahem. But, yes...now I'm back to the land of mad laundry, manic carpooling and never ending landscape planning.

And I will get those boxes unpacked if it kills me. It might.


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