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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mobile Love

Been busy! Of course...never a dull moment around here. I have been by turns: working on craft projects, painting, arranging the house, working on poetry, catching up on email finally, doing laundry, baking, landscaping, visiting friends and family and enjoying a little time outdoors.

I thought, I'd share the crafting bit.  Today, I helped throw a shower for a friend who is about to have a baby and I made her a little Peter Rabbit themed mobile for her nursery as my gift. She's having a little boy who will have the same, P. R. initials. I do love Beatrix Potter. Before I started, I got out our big collected stories volume and thumbed through it for inspiration, then I went off to the yard and the studio fabric collection respectively and gathered materials. Here's what came out:

I love it and fortunately, so did the mama I made it for. I am especially pleased with Peter himself and the little carrots. They are all made out of cloth scraps, embroidery floss and a touch of stuffing to make them look full enough.

Little trivia for you on the subject. Did you know that Alexander Calder (of giant orange sculptural fame) invented mobiles in 1931? Its true! And I bet he had no idea he was inventing a staple nursery item. Little known facts you can learn, right here.


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