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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pajama Christening

Time for a little sewing.

I keep finding that Ru has no pajamas and he keeps going to bed in an undershirt and a diaper. Its getting a little bit chilly for these sorts of shenanigans. Today I was moping a little about how I just spent a good bit of money on curtains so I shouldn't go buy pajamas and I was just moaning to A about how overtaxed I feel about running all over kingdom come all the time and therefore never being home or staying caught up on day to day maintenance. Ahem. Yes...that is the reason why I stayed home today and sent A off with the car so that I'd be grounded here. But, a boy needs warm bed clothes...what's a mommy to do?
Remember her sewing machine of course! Silly me!  I'd been thinking a while back that I'd love to try to make some simple elastic waist pajama pants for the boys anyhow, just for the experience of seeing how it would work...and then here I was with a genuine need for some!

It was my first little project in the Sunroom Studio that is going to be our creative space. This means its been christened and will forthwith be a place to dream and cut and paint with great abandon.That's a pleasant kind of milestone to mark off.
I just meant to make a couple for Ru but of course Dee couldn't resist chiming in and asking for a pair of his own and what mommy could resist eager pleas for some pants of one's own. Pajama pants all round!
I made three very serviceable  pairs, some of which were personally designed by the wearers, and hopefully, here ends The Great Pajama Drought.


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