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Monday, October 4, 2010

Keeping The Sheets Dry


"How do we keep the beds dry? Am sick of changing sheets. Have been pottying boys before they get in bed. They are dry during day. Both wet copiously at nap and night. Wearing diapers doesn't help, the sheets are soaked as are their clothes even with a diaper on. A is over generous with the water but have heard this doesn't matter anyhow. Meh. Now what?"

I wrote the above a few months ago and even though I never posted it, I thought I'd deal with the topic with my new updated information and response.

First of all, I think the big reason why this whole topic of bedwetting matters so much to me is that I was a late bedwetter. Who doesn't want to help their little ones avoid the things that haunt them from their own childhood? This was a completely and totally embarrassing part of my early years (forget slumber parties) and something I would LOVE to make sure my children never go through. Thus my jumpy trigger finger.

Yeah, and then, I couldn't help but notice that I knew a child or two who was reportedly totally dry every night. (insert vague shrug from their mother) *wince wince wince* What is wrong with my child? Argh! What was wrong with me? Did I give them mutant genes?

Now, my oldest is only four so I was vastly comforted when I read that bedwetting is not even considered an issue of any concern until over the age of six. Whew. So, step one: My kid is not abnormal. Relax and wait for child/children to get older.
Step two: How to handle the wet sheets and inability of diapers to catch it all.

Truly, it was simple. I was in the store buying my usual bales of diapers and I accidentally noticed Huggies makes a special extra absorbant diaper, especially for nighttime. (Clue number two that I am not a mutant or raising one.)

Yep. And they work. And I can go back to a non-daily sheet changing schedule. Life is good. Thank you God that people keep inventing things.


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