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Thursday, October 7, 2010


I meant to blog, truly I did. We headed off on Sunday afternoon for a little adventure getaway in the northwoods of the Adirondacks and upper Vermont and....heh. My blogger resolve melted away with the drizzly autumn rain. Instead of getting up early to tap out entries I was out mucking through the woods after wild mushrooms, listening to loons call on the lake in front of our cabin, reading books with A and sitting around with my feet up in front of the fireplace. Sometimes more important things beckon.
But then...here I am again. We're in Vermont now (one of my favorite places on earth) and sitting in our cabin while the rain drizzles on and we try to decide what to do with our time this afternoon. A is next to me, pouring over our only guidebook and source of information, a book about eating your way through New England's local food scene...and I'm here with the baby rolling next to me on the couch and the boys rough housing on the carpet in front of me.

Packing for a whole week is a challenge. I thought I had it covered but a few potty accidents one incident with hummus as bodypaint changed that whole business. Heh. So, this morning after breakfast I "did laundry" in the bathtub and did what I hope was a thorough enough wring job and hung wet things all over the cabin in the hopes that they will be dry enough to wear tomorrow. We are out of certain things so, its kind of important...we'll see what happens.

When you pick out accommodations on the internet you never know exactly what you're going to get. Reviews can help, photos help, price tags help, and sometimes talking to hoteliers on the phone can be informative (except when it muddies the waters with idealism laced salesmanship) Our Adirondack cabin, where we started our vacation seemed iffy judging by the information I had but, it turned out to be totally perfect. The pictures were really badly taken and not updated but the location although convenient to a little village was very secluded in the woods down a two track road, wreathed with leaves and birdsong. The cabin itself was all woods, flannel quilts and rustic charm. No television, big windows to view the lake through the leaves, a canoe for our use, a fireplace, a gas stove for cooking, a clawfoot bathtub and a wooden rocker. Just exactly what you'd want for the perfect, cozy wilderness getaway. I love to camp but, dude...with a baby and two year old...this is the way to camp.

This cabin is not my ultimate favorite, its in one of those little cabin villages and therefore less authentic and rustic, it smells a little of must since there's no window in the bathroom and when we first walked in it was headachy with the overpowering waft of a plug-in air freshener. I've also been doing battle all-morning with Ru over the alluring power of the boob tube. "No, we will not be watching t.v." seems ridiculously unsure.  Why not ask again?

Blurgh. Must get outdoors in fall leaves asap. I think today we're on our way to see the King Aurthur Flour headquarters and check out some farmstead cheese operations, A is keen on a chocolate shop and a look at factory cheese making too. We'll see what falls out.


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