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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nesting Begins!

Yes, today the nesting began in earnest.

I have been searching madly in the "free" section of Craigslist...(do check out the fabulous iPhone app if you are equipped)...for a changing table or a low dresser that could double as such. No dice. I've been looking for a couple of weeks and A has been threatening to take his grandmother's beautiful heirloom writing desk into the kids room for changing diapers on if I didn't get something in two weeks time. Honestly, I think he was even a little generous and turned a blind eye for perhaps longer than the supposed "limit."

We got word that we were supposed to have a Nor'easter coming through tonight and so I thought I'd make a mad dash for curb browsing and see if I could find something. There had been a post on Craigslist recently about a family who was moving and had dumped a good quantity of stuff on the curb and so I thought I'd take a gander and see if there was anything left before the rain got at it.

There wasn't much left. I picked through the bagged goods and rescued two china saucers, a golden, three armed plant stand. There was a low dresser that was the right height but it was a bit long (I didn't want anything imposing) and it was real wood which meant that it was heavy. Heh. No way I was gonna be able to lug it into the car, I could barely lift one corner. I overlooked repeatedly and then finally noticed the flimsy, seen-better-days, made out of fake materials computer desk on the other side of the driveway and then thought..."Hey!" and somehow I could see potential. I could barely lift it and it only sorta fell apart upon lifting and it totally fit in the trunk of The Mommy Van. Score.

I got it home and Ru (believe it or not!) helped me carry it out of the car, up the stairs into the house and then up the stairs to the boys room to boot. And, no, you can't have him, he's my four year old. I plan to feed him cookies tomorrow to make sure he stays.

So, we hauled it up, I hammered and glued and then sawed and hammered some more and lo and behold...I created our own little changing table/ psuedo dresser clothing shelf unit. Presto! Nothing but garbage was used in its creation.

Some of my cuts were a little rough (I was working with a pruning saw, points for resourcefulness) and there are some raw edges that aren't sanded or painted yet, but...like everything else in the house I am dreaming it in another color anyhow. I'm thinking, cherry red, in a high gloss?

I also arranged the living room into what I think may be our working model at the moment  and put the first brush strokes on the walls.

I realize the color looks a little glaring and a bit Barbie at the moment but its only the first coat and it was a night-shot. That's all I'm painting right there...just that square over the mantle...I think...I'm considering painting in the rectangle in the middle of the mantle too. Not sure on that. After a few more coats it will be a sleek and modern raspberry and will set off the big white candle-holders I bought the other day at a fabulous tag sale!

Am excited about the home day I have coming tomorrow....more arranging and nesting and maybe even painting to come!


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