"She refused to be bored, chiefly because she wasn't boring." Zelda Fitzgerald

Monday, July 26, 2010

Kind Time Management

Am struggling with Time Management. Urgh. This is a concept I struggle with. I am afraid of being a controlled and obsessive, scheduled and freakishly non-human person. I also have a big problem with prioritization because I have trouble cutting things out of my life. I have a huge issue with limiting myself to only x number of things that I "have time to do" because that means I cut other things and it also means I may never realize my potential because, see, I'm limiting myself to imagined potential preemptively. Yes, I'm a little over idealistic but, I like that about myself. I wanna be that way, you know? I want to have a lot in my life and I want to push my limits a little and see what crazy amounts of stuff I can get done that I never imagined would work into "the plan."

Yes, and that's great usually but, we've made some major changes in our daily schedule lately and that has been a killer for me. Suddenly, the kids and I are chronically overtired, I have no discretionary time, and there's a million things I'm panicky about that aren't getting done or aren't happening fast enough. Meh. Am not a fan of this bit. I hate the emotional tone my life has at the moment. Too much stress, raw edged, white knuckled, drive the kids like they're a herd of donkeys mania. Am not a fan.

Am working on a little prioritization and outsourcing and list item cutting and am also working my way through listening to this really great talk by the somewhat famous, brilliant and now sadly deceased, Randy Pauch. Enjoy! Am totally inspired.


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