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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Climate Controlled Achilles Heel

We are having a heat wave...as is a good portion of the country, so I hear. I am a creature with no capacity for natural harshness. Actually, that's not quite true. I'm a wimpy whiner about natural harshness and find it hard to enjoy but, I am a survivalist in my soul and can't honestly imagine wilting away in a blizzard or a dust storm just because it would be a challenge. Right. But, if its not a dramatic life and death weather episode...if we're just talking about hot or cold...meh. I'm a wimp.

I know a lot of people who rave about either the snow and the crisp lung bursting cold of a really chill day in February or the glory of blazing sun and the thermometer whooshing the red line right up through the top of the glass. I really like 75 degrees and sunny with a light breeze. I'm not a fan of freezing or sweating. I've never been a very good sunbather and exercise gets me on the same weak point. I'm no good at enjoying or expecting sweat. Bleh. I'm also not a hugely successful winter sports player. I hate that bit when your nose hairs freeze from breathing air that's completely inhospitable to the human body. I would make a terrible mountain climber.

I was telling my sisters-in-law Penny (the stunning redhead in pictures yesterday and the day before) and Jane (see first picture above...at the top of this page), the other day, that I do feel a bit sheepish about wondering round about two o'clock in the afternoon when we're about to make a sudden library run if we are actually dressed appropriately for the weather outside today because....what is the weather outside today? Air conditioning is a lovely invention as far as I am concerned and central heating is in the same blessed boat. I am a bit embarrassed of just exactly how much I like them but, there it is. I did grow up with either one and so it somehow feels like some sort of soft indulgence that has weakened my moral core in some significant way. But then, I remind myself that new  things, things that make our lives easier or more tolerable aren't inheritantly evil. Sometimes they're just nice.

Yes. And then there's the fact that we're about to buy a big rambling three story, badly insulated house in the middle of a larger city that has...no a/c. Round about now when it isn't even the dog days of August yet and is very, very much too hot I think weakly about the rather heated summer we'll be in the middle of next year in our new sweltering house and I find it hard to go outdoors in the middle of the day. I want to just sit indoors and soak in the cool breeze blowing out of that magical little vent....all.day.long.

Last night when we went to bed I had been carefully cooling our sleeping space down for a couple of hours and thinking greedily about how nice and chill it would be when we finally tucked in. Yes, and then when the time finally came, A went bustling around opening windows and merrily clicked off the happily whirring machinery that was the engine for my little ice box plan. Blast. I live with a man who is not nearly as temperature averse as I am. He's got this whole "natural seasonal temperature expectation" thing going on. Am suddenly feeling much less earthy. Dratted modern conveniences.


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