"She refused to be bored, chiefly because she wasn't boring." Zelda Fitzgerald

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Guilty Pleasures!

List time!

Today: Guilty Pleasures

All those rotten little ways I shamelessly indulge and never tell anyone except for....um...all of you. Shhhh.......

  1. I love Kentucky Fried Chicken's popcorn chicken with "honey" mustard dipping sauce....it makes everything okay again. Not every branch has it and no single restaurant seems to carry it with regularity which makes it a maddening sort of addiction, never mind that its totally non-healthy fast food to boot. Heh.
  2. I read People.com sometimes and *wince wince wince* even Star.com from time to time. Totally dumb, totally superficial and sooooo not my thing really but, I can't help it. Somehow, it is a fluffy little distraction that makes me feel better on days when my own hectic life is too overwhelming. Lets all spend a little time reading about the latest wacky moves of Tom Cruise, shall we? 
  3. I like to occasionally buy pre-forced, almost blooming potted bulbs in the spring and plop them in my garden like I actually grew them....then they bloom and I feel cool and the garden is insta-pretty. 
  4. I sometimes plan out houses that I would like to have go up for sale in certain neighborhoods and then I stalk them to see if it worked yet. Once in a while it does. So far nothing has been the right size or price but, its a fun little hobby.
  5. I like to read juvenile literature. Not perpetually, that gets mind numbing...but, from time to time, pretty regularly I pick one up because it puts my mind in a simpler, cozier place.
  6. I don't shower often (mommyhood and all) but I'm afraid when I do, I take looooooong showers. I used to be a very quick shower girl...kinda prided myself on it. Not so much anymore. When showers happen, I dwell on them.
  7. I use my laptop in bed....every day.
  8. I buy Quilted Northern Ultra toilet paper which is a ridiculous indulgence but, its not the most expensive brand in existence and it makes me feel luxurious. I like soft tp, I could never buy Scott unless our budget demanded it for survival. 
  9. I send my ironing out whenever I get in over my head and life seems like too much. I've been sending it out for the past month and I'm not sure when I'll be ready to take it on again.
  10. I have gotten quite accustomed to always having ice in my water glass, now that we have one of those fancy fridges with an ice machine implanted in the door....crushed ice, mind you.
  11. If KFC has no popcorn chicken...or if I am too teary to make it all the way to KFC or remember where the nearest one is...french fries from McDonald's with extra ketchup will make it all okay again too.
  12. Peonies are a very expensive cut flower but, they are worth the money. I will almost always buy some if I see them...unless they're really sad looking. I'm a sucker for that sweet, lemony scent.
  13. I will overspend (if allowed) on local produce.
  14. I have an alarming number of cookbooks. I haven't the room to store them all...this is one of the reasons why I need a bigger kitchen...room for the culinary library.
  15. I sometimes use A's electric razor to shave my legs to make up for the fact that I don't have time for a full up shower. It works so beautifully! I try to be contentious about cleaning it and putting it away afterwords! (I hope that's okay, Honey!)


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