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Monday, June 14, 2010

Foraging is Contagious

Gosh, it sure feels great to look at this picture of my clan...foraging madly for a snack, without my even coaxing them to. Wild food is the best and eating it together, at peak ripeness is its own brand of joy. For those who wonder, in this picture we're eating Juneberries (if you're in my family) and Sugarplums (if you're in A's)...common names are like this. Lots of people also call them Serviceberry, Saskatoon Berry or Shadberry. Take your pick. Whatever you call them, they're tasty and the trees were loaded this year! The robins and the Armstrongs were very happy.

All of our berries went straight into our mouths because we were in a hurry to make it to an appointment with a realtor to see a house but, if we'd have had time or the trees hadn't been handily stripped clean by the birds when I made it back a couple of days later...I'd have tried making this tart. Doesn't that look delicious?


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