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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Eyeball Color Theories

My sister brought the above book home from the library. We are now obsessed and up to our eyeballs in visual self-analysis. Its one of those "find your colors" kinds of guides and since I have spent years working on figuring out what colors I should wear and yet still feel a little befuddled....my appetite is handily whetted.

So confusing trying to sort out all the pieces and make sense of it. So much of color is psychology and meaning, personal taste layered on top of actual objective reality. For years I hated the colors orange and teal (I can't even remember why....I was insane.) and now I have trouble accepting colors like mauve and beige but I think its mostly about ideas and stories I tell myself about the colors.
My sister Foxy and I....plus a photo-bombing baby! She has my un-bleached, natural hair color.

I think I am a Summer or a Spring but its hard for my to sort out the cool and warm color bits. I wish in some ways we were still in the 80's when it was trendy to have your "colors done" and come away with a purse pocket swatch for handy referencing.
My sister Lockbox and I....similar but not exactly the same.
We are reading all kinds of cool things though....examine your eyes in detail and notice all the colors in them: the darkest colors, the rays, the softest muted shades, take a look at the veins in your wrists and look for shades of blue, green and purple, and take notes on the colors you blush when pinched and the darkest and lightest colors in your hair. So fun noticing the details of yourself! The artist in me loves these assignments. This is the nature of being a painter...not seeing "blue" skies but noticing that sometimes the sky is purple and sand and aquamarine but almost never just "blue." Real observing. Its a Buddhist kind of fashion assignment really. Being in The Now, truly present and fully aware.
Detail of my multi-colored eyes.
May there be clarity! May there be fresh green knowledge! May there be in my future a cashmere sweater in the perfect shade!

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