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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sexy Crockpot Yogurt

Crock pots are like the minivans of the kitchen.
They save your tail and you thank your lucky stars that you have one.....quietly, behind the scenes....because they are embarrassingly not chic, crunchy, artsy or hip. We all save the day by making dinner on the countertop while we are away and we all love the way it saves money and hassle and energy. But, its just one of those things you do mid-week for sanity. Its not funky or edgy or hip.

Today I am using my slow cooker in a way that will be coolness reputation enhancing. I am making my own yogurt (Greek yogurt if I feel really, really hip tomorrow morning) in a crockpot.

Yogurt is sexy.

 I'll tell you how it worked out at breakfast time. Not that we'll eat it at breakfast. Room temp yogurt is impossibly non-chic. We will chill it and eat it at lunch or another breakfast....which means I really won't get to tell you how it tasted until....well....whenever.

Anyhow. Am making yogurt in my crock pot. Am cool. And frugal. And sexy. Am forging unseen paths through the New Year with 1950's gadgets of ill-repute!

Wanna try it too?

Here's how....

  • Fill crockpot with 8 cups of milk. 

  • Set the temp to "Low" and let the milk warm for 2.5 hours. 

  • Turn off and let it sit for 3 hours with the lid on.

  • Stir in 1/2 cup of store-bought yogurt for starter.

  • Wrap the covered crockpot in a big, snuggly bath towel and leave it for 8-12 hours.

  • In the morning line a strainer with cheesecloth or some scrap bed-sheet material and let the yogurt slowly drain to desired consistency. (Greek yogurt is just drained longer)

Go us! We can all be artistic, hippy, crockpot people! Anyone else have any really fun, offbeat ways to use a crockpot? Lemme hear 'em!


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  1. I love my crockpot (though it's actually a loaner from my mom via my dad)! :) I want to try this, though maybe with a nondairy milk... I wonder if I can do that... I'll have to look it up. :) So awesome, Carleen. :)