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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Is This Our House?

This could possibly be the place. We'll have to see. We spent our date night tonight, touring the house one more time together and talking, talking, talking about all the options and cons and pros and possibilities. We're now considering putting in an offer. I expect we'll decide to do something one direction or another before we leave on Friday for our week in California.

What's it got going for it?

  • Its old (built in 1920) but not so old that it makes A cringe
  • It has stone, wood and stucco materials (all of which make us happy)
  • Its in a pretty neighborhood
  • Its a great commuter house
  • It has a back garden and comes with lots of cool flowers tucked here and there (hydrangea, roses, lilacs, irises, lily-of-the-valley, sedum, peonies...etc.etc.)
  • It has a clothesline!
  • Slate roof (makes my heart go pitter-pat)
  • Is in the same town as Nutmeg and our babysitter
  • Walking distance to the grocery, Starbucks, the library, the post office, area parks, and lots more
  • Nice wide sidewalks for family rambles in the evening
  • Sun and shade for gardening
  • Two car garage
  • Full basement
  • 5 bedrooms and 4 baths
  • A full apartment on the top story with separate entry and a lovely quiet tenant who wants to stay (we're checking out the legality of the arrangement)
  • A paved drive
  • Nice neighbors
  • Lots of windows and light
  • Two fireplaces
  • Hardwood floors
  • A pantry
The surprises? Its in the city. I never imagined I'd be seriously considering an urban house but its far more alluring than I thought it would be. The yard is only a third of an acre, not the half an acre I imagined would be our bottom line. We'll see how it all falls out but, at this point it looks like we may try to throw a low-ball offer and see what the owners do. If we can swing it at that price we'll be getting a steal with lots of lovely bonuses (as you can see from the above "short version" of the list).

We will have to see how sleeping on it feels tonight. Pray, advise and throw your two cents our way! What do you think?


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