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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chuggin' On Down The Coast

Well, how in the world can I begin to re-cap our adventures so far? Just a couple of days in and the "Moments to Remember" are beginning to dog-pile in my brain to ridiculous heights. We've walked through redwood forests, eaten seafood, driven along the sea cliffs, had a great (albeit very short) visit with A's maternal relatives, eaten about three rounds of fresh California strawberries and had many a happy talk together, driving winding California roads while two short people snore behind us in the backseat. So far, so good.
As my dear, midwife told me..."This kind of [very pregnant] travel is just a different thing. You must just wear a different lens and adjust your plans as needed." And indeed we do find ourselves adjusting. We walk slower, we take a lot more breaks and we have learned to get up in the morning, read our supposed itinerary and then chuckle up our sleeves together and make guesses at what we'll actually do. I'm holding up pretty well although I do find that I start crashing at about 8:30 at night and absolutely no use to A in the "supplying directions to our intended hotel" department. I basically snore while he and his gps take us on down the road to a good, soft bed. Its a great feeling to know you can be replaced electronically if needed.

Photos not uploading tonight for some reason so I will try to add a few in the morning and hope to keep sharing photographically as we go some more....


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