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Saturday, April 17, 2010

We Arrived!

Well, here it is...officially, technically Saturday but, I'm still calling it Friday in order to say that I posted my five consecutive weekdays. I think that counts, don't you?

We made it. It was a long flight (two layovers and three different airports) but, one pair of wet pants, two crying sessions, a squished pear and an almost battery-less phone later...we're all tucked into bed at our hotel in Medford. I have tried to explain to Ru that we're in Oregon even though we're "going" to California for vacation. That was a little hard to get across. All that powering through security screening, chatting up stewardesses and living with all the wrong picture books that Mommy picked out to bring and we're not even in California now? The lower lip began to tremble and I gave right up and erased the whole idea with a bright smile and told him, no worries. California. I promise. K?

We're all super bushed and have started to slightly lose our minds a bit. Its amazing how wearing it is psychologically to travel with two small ones on airplanes. I wonder if we'll be brave enough to do it with three kids. Whew. Sounds intimidating. By the time we were in our last flight, Dee insisted that A read the flight safety information card to him, over and over, and over...I heard four rounds before I fell asleep. A was a hero though, it was the only thing that would keep him from screaming. My picture is a little blurry but, I think you can catch a glimpse of how intent and serious he was about the whole thing. Such a silly little engineer of a boy.

The other thing that was really a huge hit was the in-flight headphones for listening to the ambient music seemingly pumped into the arm of your seat. So cool. Dee was hooked and asked immediately for his headphones to be hooked up and propped on his head before he was even actually seated. Yet another silly thing that stopped tears well. Its all about learning to read your kid.
We stopped for diapers and a few breakfast items on our way from airport to hotel just now (love those 24hr groceries) and A picked up our first batch of strawberries. We plan to taste strawberries wherever they show up and tempt us all the way down the coast. These are gigantic, priced at a dollar a pound and grown right in California! Its like the first real taste of summer! Breakfast will be good.


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