"She refused to be bored, chiefly because she wasn't boring." Zelda Fitzgerald

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Making It Together

Am immersed in reading the impossibly good Daring Greatly. Life-changing philosophy, psychology and research on vulnerability, trust, human connection and overcoming shame. Brene Brown is officially on my list of most inspiring humans. Love it when brilliance becomes a best seller and shows up at every library everywhere. It's can't-put-it-down, divinely inspired, putting-in-missing-pieces-I've-been-puzzled-over-forever....type of good.

This morning I noticed that the snowdrops are blooming at the back door and the daffodils at the front door are showing healthy green shoots too. The grocery stores are selling dollar bundles of daffodils for a fix to tide us all over. I am super fixing my faith on the return of warm and leaning it mentally. Not much longer now. We are all going to make it.

We have made two expeditions to the beach this week. Somehow just sifting sand in our fingers and collecting shells together is enough of a recollection of summer and our recent trip to help hold us.

Came home this time with a collection of purple quahog bits, the parts that the local tribes used for money, storytelling, rank and all kinds of other signifiers. Amazing to finger these bits of shell smashed by seagulls and imagine people from another time gathering and trimming them to add beauty and value to their long ago lives too. We are all marching along together in this world, looking for beauty, holding on through the winters of our lives and standing shoulder to shoulder with historical and real-time peoples....a countless line of folks who making meaning together.

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  1. Beautiful quote by Alice Hoffman. Makes me feel snugger in my world of white. Daring Greatly sounds stellar. When you're done, I'd love a call (or blog) with your favorite gleanings. I'm about knee deep in a snowbank of books I want to read, but if you think DG is still awesome when you're done, I might have to add it to my list. Love you!

  2. Thanks. I will have to give you a call and fill you in. I think its a life-changer but its possible I could decide differently before I am done. I'll keep you posted! I feel ya on the list a mile long!