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Monday, March 24, 2014

So Many Somethings

Pom is in a charmingly, particular stage. He has learned how things "ought" to be and is spending a lot of energy demonstrating that he is on the up and up which means he's become king of specifics. He carries pieces of hair and lint to the trashcan one by one and makes individual trips to the compost bucket with each strand of clementine pith. He is avid about making sure I have my phone and come earnestly chasing me down with it calling, "Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!" all the way into the next room if I have left it next to the armchair in the living room for a minute.

One hilarious variation of his particularity is his Bring It To A Grown-up Game. He finds little things all over the floor and kind of randomly he'll decide that a given little widget is important and will be missed and will bring it earnestly to me. Sometimes I know what it is, (a Lego, a nut, a marble, a tiny pebble) but I'm astonished by how often I am flabbergasted.

How does he find so many strange little somethings? We have a big house and are a bit on the sloppy and disorganized side but man! He makes me think we have a troop of fairies living in the eaves using the house as their playground, leaving little whatnots all over after their midnight games.

Can you identify the following?


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  1. Love it! No, I couldn't identify any of the whatnots, but I think it's awesome that's he's Mr. Clean, Mr. Curious, and knows where to go with his questions!! BTW, that first picture of him really reminds me of Ru when he was little! What a cutie. :)