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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Means Scrub !

Spring Cleaning is happening! Lucy and I are spending this week taking the house apart in a good old fashioned Seasonal Scrub. I love the booklet my bloggy friend Alison offers on her blog. All the specifics and details in one place. I printed and bound my copy at Kinkos this year for easier reference.

Today we finally busted out the sponges and the soap after a lot of dusting and sweeping yesterday.

I am so thirsty!!! I keep pouring big glasses of ice water and downing them every time I end up in the kitchen again. Lemon wedges and lime slices are my best friend at the moment. Wonder if it's all the dust in the job, the hard work and sweating or the just spring coming on that's making me thirsty.

Yesterday we rough swept each room, put the rugs into a big pile and vacuumed cobwebs down off the ceiling.

Today we stripped the beds and cleaned and flipped the mattresses, then cleaned the microwave and upstairs refrigerator. I am almost done washing all the pillows and blankets and throws.

I am purging things as I go, heaping up big piles of things to take to the kids consignment shop, to sell online and to just pack off to Goodwill. Feeling giddy over the lightening!

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  1. AWESOME! You go, girls (and Giles). Next time I'm visiting, may I look at your Seasonal Scrub book? I figured the $8 wonder book might just make me feel like a failure, but if it's really good, I might invest! :)