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Friday, November 15, 2013

Secret Jet Lag Survival Tips

Spent the day researching jet lag survival for our impending return to the other coast this weekend. Four kids and a busy schedule? This mama does not fool around. Pulling out the stops on kicking jet lag's butt. All the stops.

Must. Stay. Awake.

Here's what I've got:

1. Light Therapy. Dose yourself with blazing sunlight in your new time zone when you should be awake, the brighter the better. Give yourself darkness at sleeping times...pull the drapes and the blinds, turn off electronics etc. The perfect excuse for a candlelight dinner?

2. Melatonin Foods. Eat raspberries, cherries, almonds or goji nuts an hour before bedtime in your new zone because they contain melatonin. Thought this video on the topic was super interesting.

3. Caffeine Fasting. Cut out the caffeine and drink water. (eek!) I know how tempting it to jack yourself on coffee to get through but it just screws with your body rhythms more (plus caffeine dehydrates).

4. Mealtime Adjustment. Eat in your target zone's schedule. Have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the times you will in your destination, starting the new schedule a few days in advance is key. Tomorrow, breakfast will be bright and early at our house! (Wish I had started today....but hey!)

5. Body Temperature. Adjust your temperature. Not only light but also temperature cues our body to sleep and wake. We have a cultural imagining that we "cozy down" to sleep at night and get all warm but in truth body temperature cools at night and warms during the day. Strip off layers and take warm or cool showers to cue yourself to be awake or to doze. Maybe a glass of lavender ice water before bed and then a big warm mug of mint tea before breakfast?

Bam. I'm off. Stay well, Friends. One more day and then we're airborne.

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