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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Beet Still-Life

I bought these beets this week after Dee begged for them. They are his most favorite vegetable. He wanted to branch out and try a different color so he went for the stripes. Aren't they stunning?!?

They look like a carnival sideshow on a cutting board! Completely amazing.

We were surprised to see them cook up a pale, faded yellow. I tossed them with knobs of butter and snips of fresh thyme and we confirmed that they taste like regular old beets although maybe not quite as sweet? Hard to tell though. Any difference is subtle.

Am gearing up mentally for heading home, back to New England and cold weather and the Thanksgiving meal dream-up sessions. I am really missing our fireplace and am thinking fondly of the winter foods that are waiting on the menus in my mind. Beets make that list for sure. I will be trolling this Pinterest board for ideas. If you ever found a beet attractive, check it out...you'll have beety cooking plans coming out your ears!

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