"She refused to be bored, chiefly because she wasn't boring." Zelda Fitzgerald

Monday, July 8, 2013

Stuck In Panic Mode

Honestly, I'm really friggin' overwhelmed right now.
  • The weather is hotter than the dickens. No a/c sounds kind of salt of the earth but it just stinks right now.
  • The yard is overwhelming me. (too much trimming, mowing, harvesting and watering to do...not to mention fall planting!)
  • I'm out of touch with friends and support. Feeling alone. Drowning. Must rectify.
  • I had my phone stolen...AGAIN...and am consequently without my: calendar, timer, reading list, housework routine, alarm clock, address book and phone list, gps, wrist watch and general contactability. Feel like a modern idiot but that doesn't really fix the honest helplessness of it all.
  • There are far too many boys in this house! I can't seem to get anything done.
  • Have many new house repairs (hello broken windows!) and no new renovation progress since the dining room paint job of yore. Am falling behind in the scores.
  • Am feeling so frustrated with my kids moral development sometimes. How do you teach niceness for crying out loud?!?

So, that's the story. Also, we went camping and pulled ticks off of every single one of us....the grand prize winner being Nib who collected 10! ARGH! SO GROSS!!!! I am tempted to run screaming away from New England tomorrow. I would like to move to Hawaii or else Seattle.

There are however, shasta daisies in quantity....it has to be admitted. It is far too hot to bake things with them but there are berries to pick. (Maybe I will take the boys raspberry picking and we will make cheater ice cream with them?) The library is wonderful and cool and full of happy, comforting stories. I am going out to dinner with a woman friend tomorrow night for a mama date alone. (May there be memorably delicious food and conversation.) I did pick up paint chips today in reference to several projects in the house that I have buzzing around in my brain. I will not be defeated. But man, if you have tips on any of my bullet points...please feel free to chip in. 

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