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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ocean Going

Having friends who live on a boat is pretty darn exotic. Having those friends open their arms to you and let your kids romp the deck and play in their dinghy and invite you to spend the day in offshore tidal island exploration is out of sight!!!

We had a pretty grand adventure together, bouncing over the ocean waves, scoping out our harbor's lighthouse (didn't even know we had one!) and hunting crabs under the rocks on the island.

We had a picnic lunch in a wicker hamper that drifted in the wooden boat behind ours, leashed to our motored craft. The sun shone and the cormorants sat on their nests, watching us scoop iridescent comb jellies out of the surf and learn to tell a lion's mane jelly from a moon jelly.

By the time we motored back through the hurricane barrier with the baby sleeping in my arms and the spray in our hair, it was almost time for dinner. The boys went to sleep that night talking incessantly about pirates and sea adventures and I had a dream that I held a purple starfish in my own hand.

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