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Monday, May 13, 2013

Fluff City

I knew today was the day, we needed some chickens. I spent the first part of the morning calling numbers from Craigslist and eventually landed on feed store in upstate New York that had a handful of chicks left an was willing to save them for me. We all dog-piled into the van and raced for the hills and this we became the owners of a tiny herd of peeps.

There are eight of them right now: one Australorp, one Cuckoo Maran, a pair of Wellsummers, a pair of Auracaunas, one Silver Laced Wyandotte and one Gold Laced Wyandotte. We should end up with blue or green eggs, speckled eggs, chocolate brown eggs and light brown eggs; everything but white.

The boys are enchanted with our new urban agrarian life (Nib promptly asked me for a horse!) and are loving snuggling them. The favorite pose is a chick-on-the-shoulder piratey/farmer look.

I don't need all eight, I am think 4-6 is actually right for our little backyard coop but there are usually a few that don't make it and Mama has sworn to take on any orphaned hens we don't have room for after it is all said and done. I am planning to see which ones end up being the best of the bunch and letting them stay on as permanent residents. And in the meantime....there are many names to consider!

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