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Monday, March 4, 2013

Ru, Just Now

He's my biggest boy and a clever little thinker, busily dissecting the psychology and constructs around him. Here's The latest on my oldest son.

•Video games...his new obsession, my current panic button. How do you manage these things????
•Graphic novels...still his very favorite library acquisition. Last week he discovered Wonder Woman and Superman in addition to his steady diet of Asterix and Obelix and Tin Tin.
• Gold and silver...his swank, big boy favorite colors.
•Play dates with friends. We have reached the age of relationships and social exploration. Pretty fun, slightly intimidating.
•Being in charge. A bit of a challenging inclination to indulge at the age of 6 but I am trying to learn to see it well and only die the really important hills.
•Drawing. He still really enjoys art of all forms really. Hoping to nurture that along and help him hold onto it as he leaves the years of care-free early childhood and enters a world of social pressure and self-criticism.
•Sports and other active, adrenaline filled pursuits. He is currently taking karate and we just signed him up for his first sport team experience, spring and summer Little League, he's pumped.
•Showers. He is newly bathing himself and loooooing grown-up style showers are his very favorite. Can't say that I blame him.
•Making Pom laugh. He bends over backwards to make him giggle and has pretty much cornered the market.
•Skepticism. He's constantly asking me about my motives for parenting, the evidence for scientific assertions and the validity of religious ideas. It's an age of testing and independence.
•Pillows. He asked me very nicely recently if he could have a second pillow on his bed and he STILL sometimes sneaks pillows from the couch into his bed for extra fluff.
•Orange juice and orange soda. Somethin' 'bout that citrus flavor hits him just right. Neither drink is available at home so they are his favorite restaurant requests.
• My perfume. He loved to smell them all and look over the bottles. A couple of times I've caught him smiling extra sweet after a perusal. Maybe he needs some scented oils of his own!
•Animals. He loves horseback riding, glows in the presence of any dog and continues to be a top notch guinea pig caretaker. Love this about him.

•Soup, Mushrooms and Seafood. Much to my annoyance, these remain on the Do Not Eat list. Boo!
•Threat of public failure. This is a new one but is suddenly showing up everywhere. He had a new, strong desire to measure up socially and check all the boxes.
•Kid music. All but the very hippest kiddie songs are out, out, out. Wheels On The Bus is uber-passé.
•Zipping up his coat. I 'm not sure if its running hot, being hip, being efficient or just asserting his own will but his coat is always flapping open whenever I look.
•Getting up in the morning. He's my sleepyhead, two wake-up calls minimum...and he's usually still growly.
•Having his nails cut too short. He has just started telling me how long or short he likes them after surprising me by announcing that I usually cut them too close.
•Being late. He is his father's son. I can easily embarrass and upset him here. I aspire to satisfy this one.
• The end of Christmas. He's no Grinch, he cried actual tears the day we had to take our tree out to the curb. He's a right jolly old elf.

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