"She refused to be bored, chiefly because she wasn't boring." Zelda Fitzgerald

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Aspirations

Making a list today. Summer is finally here for sure...there's barbeque on every neighborhood breeze and I'm checking my tan in the mirror. So its time to start earlier than I did last year and begin to scribble a list of all the summer stuff I want to do before we smell the first crisp wafts of fall. This is how we actualize folks! Its also how I get all the stuff out of my head that is in it. :)

Things To Do Before Summer Is Over

Pick peaches and can them.
Make apricot jam
Eat a BLT.
Swim more.
Go to a county fair. 
Eat a s'more.
Sit around a campfire.
Go fishing.
Lay on the grass and watch the stars.
Ride in a pick-up.
Eat a popsicle on the porch.
Make a key lime pie.
Feel cute in shorts.
Sit and read in the sun.
Go on a picnic.
Go skinny dipping.
Walk to a store with a friend.
Shoot someone with a squirt gun.
Have astounding sweet corn.
Climb a tree.
Go for a long, wandery beach walk.
Make a daisy chain.
Draw with sidewalk chalk.
Stroll along a pier or dock.
 But there are a few things I can already check off. Its worth mentioning to myself again what I have already done!

Things I've Already Done

Eat a lobster.
Pick strawberries.
Go to an outdoor Shakespeare performance.
Grill some good BBQ.
 Sing loudly to the radio with the windows open.
Make a killer salad.
Buy flip-flops.
Run through the sprinkler.
Eat fresh watermelon.
Watch the kids do sparklers.
Find a good book.
Go beach combing with the boys.




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