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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Spud Diggers

Just about the time I decide that low carb eating is a very good idea scientifically and take on high protein nutrition whole-heartedly (Read "Good Calories, Bad Calories" for the fascinating details!)...the potatoes come in.  So silly.
I planted potatoes last year too and we thought we had a good harvest then but this year they were bonkers productive!  I forgot that potatoes like hot weather. Ace in the hole this year for sure! Hot weather we do seem to have in spades.The bonus is that this means we have more potatoes to share with friends. Anyone want any potatoes?

 They are really beautiful...bakers and little roasters or boilers, all sizes...lots of reds in the mix and a few gold fingerlings. They're pretty amazing with generous doses of good grass-fed butter and chopped parsley. Do give a shout if you want some...and tell us if you don't want any...otherwise they might end up orphaned on your doorstep in a little basket. Tee hee!

Its good to get down and dirty with your gardening once in a while. The boys love it when Mommy sanctions digging in a heap of dirt, nay lauds them for being helpful when they do it! We were sweat and mud, stem to stern when we finally trooped inside for cooling baths. Well earned cleansing for sure!
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