"She refused to be bored, chiefly because she wasn't boring." Zelda Fitzgerald

Monday, July 2, 2012

Golden Summer Days

Summer is here. The sweet corn is only knee high in the backyard and the watermelons are still coming from other locales but the weather is blistering hot for sure.We've been having some wonderful fun...a stop from Penny and Miq and A's parents for a more extended visit = lots of great conversation, good food, dishes that are always caught up, and some hilariously idyllic cousin play moments. These are the things summer should be. 

I am glad that having a baby at the beginning of summer hasn't meant it all is whipping past me in a khaki blur. I feel like life is crazy and I'm disorganized and busy but not so busy or out of it that I am missing the experience. If that's how you feel, I think you're doing pretty well. I am finding ways to have moments of crystal awareness. Those times when you sit there thinking, "Gosh! This is great...I'm not sure it gets much better. I must remember this." I'm even sometimes having the forethought to whip out the camera and record it all.

There are fresh peas in a bowl from the garden, wonderful smells rolling off the grill, sweet baby grins, mountains of folding laundry teetering in the sun, and moments of family togetherness that make you really happy in a deep down kind of way. Here's to having great moments to stay in! Happy summer, world!
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