"She refused to be bored, chiefly because she wasn't boring." Zelda Fitzgerald

Thursday, February 16, 2012

24 Reasons Why February Is Sublime

A list is a kind of a cure. I keep a small pad on my bedside table for self-curing end of day (or early morning) stress bouts. I keep oodles of lists on our computer, I scribble them on our new kitchen chalkboard and I have a gazillion all over my iPhone to boot.  Lists galore! That's the way to sooth what ails you.

 I do eat trash to calm myself but I am trying to break the habit and one of the recent ways I've been reading about is replacing the habit with a different soothing mechanism...a good way to figure out what works for you is to observe yourself and see what else you do to set things right again. And the first answer that came to me in the midst of my ill-tempered fit this morning was LISTS!

It's February and my id is sulking and sobbing by turns. Time to solve it. Here's a list of what I love about February today, greyest of months, center of winter's numb heart.

25 Reasons Why February Is Sublime

  1. Its the month when we celebrate love with its very own holiday.
  2. It has a Leap Day!
  3. The snowdrops bloom in February.
  4. It's great baking weather.
  5. Chilly days mean snug fires in the fireplace with a big stack of library books teetering next to us.
  6. President's Day is a special surprise I always forget about that brings us a little long weekend together.
  7. Maple syrup season starts!
  8. There are always stray clementines lingering in my coat pockets.
  9. We use the snuggly throws on the couches.
  10. Sunny days feel potent and rich, even if they are infrequent.
  11. Greenhouses. 
  12. In February I sew and knit and paint and all other manner of industrious indoor things.
  13. Dee was born in February.
  14. February is short.
  15. It's a great time to read design blogs.
  16. Sleeping comes naturally in February...a healthy habit after all.
  17. February is a great time to test out new teas and coffee spices.
  18. Watching costume dramas (which my boys consider a fun treat!) is a wonderful chilly February occupation.
  19. The people in my life who love me feel warmer and brighter and more potent to me in February.
  20. Scarves and boots come out to play!
  21. I get to try out chapstick and lotion flavors with impunity. 
  22.  The weeds in the garden stay in check perfectly.
  23. I think of having company.
  24. The Academy Awards happen!
  25. Coffee houses.
See? Not so bad now! February...my new pal. Just don't wear out your welcome, eh F? I have hyacinths out there budding and we're not gonna wait forever for 'em.


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