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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Four Years and a Nutella Cake

Dee is four! He had a wonderful birthday, a celebration which waffled (in the planning) from a family-only affair to a the reality which involved three families and their children...the star guests were all girls. He told me he likes girls better because "they are nicer than boys." He is fervently hoping that Baby is a little sister, his current favorite dream.
Love this picture of the birthday boy, very seriously puzzling out the physics of a water spraying ball machine at The Children's Museum.
The party was great...happy children, minimum of tears, some simple presents (okay, okay and a pair of ridiculous Nerf guns), hot dogs all round, strawberries and banana wheels and a cake to beat all cakes. Mama aimed for something healthy and Dee asked for chocolate and hit our perfect compromise with their amazing Nutella style hazelnut cake from Paleoliscious, a place I am sure visit again for fabulous recipes. This cake is nuts, eggs, chocolate and honey, all wholesome, real foods and yet it turns out a dessert that feels beautifully indulgent.

Never really cooked with whole hazelnuts before

Reminded me of one time when we went picking them under the bushes near our house.