"She refused to be bored, chiefly because she wasn't boring." Zelda Fitzgerald

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Whirling Through December

My mind is kind of a big holiday blur right now. Very active, very awake but not so terribly organized and although positively crackling with life, not a particularly accessible place for most the people in my life. I am bumbling on behind my mental curtain, in some measure "just surviving" this season of festivity and preparation for festivity, but in most ways, much more than that. Although, I am completely unable to string together a very coherent post today, there are a lot of things going on in my brain.

The best I can do today is to share with you some of the things I am mulling over in list form:
  •  Going bi-lingual with my children. I speak some Spanish and really want to share the language with my kids. I've decided to stop being chicken and go immersion-style on language "lessons" for a few hours of every day (mid morning to naptime). I need other Spanish points of contact in my kid's lives too.
  • Reading about sugar. Sugar bugs me. I want to do some reading about exactly what people think it might be doing to us and why. Bones behind our theories are always good. Anyone have any good suggestions for books?
  • I am reading this book on disadvantaged women around the world and it's taking my mind apart.
  • This puzzling verse in the Bible.
  • Praying at meals. I think I might quit...at least as a hard and fast habit.
  • The joy of having a new purse. I change purses about four times a year, just to rotate with the seasons and keep a fresh look. I couldn't find something for fall so I was still carrying my summer bag and wishing for just the right thing and then yesterday in Goodwill...I found a soft teal, leather number with a silver buckle. Perfect.
  • The thought that some other housewife walked the floors of our house, worrying about WWII and wondering when it would end. That kind of blows my mind somehow.
  • Desitin. My mom has sung it's praises for an age, but I'm a reborn convert after applying it to my poor baby's badly chapped cheeks and seeing insta-overnight cure. That stuff is fabulous.
  • The meaning of the colors in the Advent wreath. In our church the candle lighter accidentally lit the rose candle last Sunday which kicked off a discussion about the history of said candle (older tradition has that candle lit this week in representation of joy over approaching the halfway point before Christmas.

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