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Monday, December 6, 2010

Hand-me-down Shoes

Recently, we had a little discussion at the breakfast table about hand-me-downs because Ru was alarmed to discover that Dee was wearing one of his old shirts. A and I patiently explained that this is what happens to clothes in our family...the biggest person wears them and then the next person gets to have them, etc. Eyes were opened.

Then, later that day after lunch I came upon Ru telling his wide-eyed brother, Dee earnestly all about his personal take on the subject. He was fondling my black kitten heels and telling his brother matter-of-factly (with a touch of condescending reminiscence) that he used to wear these shoes and now Mommy did which meant that she was wearing his hand-me-downs.

Clear as mud, eh kid? To his credit, he did used to wear my heels around the house an awful lot around the age of two or so....but, we may need a little refresher course on what hand-me-downs are all about. It's amazing what seems obvious to a grown-up.


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