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Monday, December 13, 2010

Baking Our Heads Off

 Well, we're into the thick of things now and our kitchen is heavy with the smell of sugar and butter, a thin film of flour over everything and a generous amount of smooshed sprinkles are crunched into the tile grout on the floor. It must be December.
 I was thinking this afternoon that maybe I'd try those salt dough that were such a hit in the 70's. My boys are having so much fun cutting out cookies and revving up the rolling pin that I hate to stop baking although, there are seriously, only so many cookies that it is wise for one house to contain.
I love watching the boys while they cut out shapes. The concentration, the floured undersides of sleeves, the things that make them go to pieces (the parchment paper won't lie flat!!!), and the little ideas they have for "fixing" or jazzing up broken cookies. No cookie should ever be given up on. They all want to be baked, the boys seem to intuitively know that.

Even Nib is wild to join in on the fun, even if it just means he beats a plastic spoon on his tray and shrieks "Ayaaaa!" He has managed to cut his fifth and sixth teeth which a pretty worthwhile contribution.


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