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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kid Cutenesses

Today a little random kid quote sharing:

  • The other day at lunch, (I had served carrot slices) Ru was nibbling away at his carrots and then suddenly he said..."Mommy! Look! Lily pads!" And he held up a tooth sculpted slice triumphantly. Cute, cute man. 
  • On a recent Tuesday I propped an automatically locking side door of our church open with a rock so I could duck out and in again with kids. I stuck the rock in and then Dee knelt down and removed it. I put the rock back and then he took it out again and finally I said, "Dee! Leave it there! I need it to keep the door open!"....and he looked up at me and frowned and said "Mommy! That rock says ouch!" And I collapsed into giggles.
  • Ru has a cousin named Nycteris (pronounced NEK-tur-iss) which you need to know for background info. He was zooming around one day, buzzing and said "Look Mommy! I'm a bee! I fly around and I find flowers and I drink from them when I'm hungry. I drink that...that...what's it called? Nycteris?" Tee hee...Nycteris' mommy liked that story. 

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