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Friday, August 27, 2010

Garden Excavation

Tomorrow morning A will roust us all out of bed early and we'll head down to our local U-Haul pick up station and collect our cargo van. Then we're off to the old apartment to spend the day digging plants, bundling them into um....plastic grocery sacks? (I haven't any better ideas) and then hauling them in variously layered loads back to our new house.

I was really supposed to carve a "holding bed" for them out of the lawn but instead I'm going to hack it out in two minutes and pretend that was the plan while A stands there looking dubious and our children roll in the freely sprinkling topsoil. I expect to be one big filthy family from top to toe by tomorrow bedtime. Good thing I bought a fingernail brush earlier this week, eh?

I have made a list of all the plants I want to dig and even though its a list of (lemme check)......a list of 30 plants, but truly, that's not terribly daunting, is it? [*note: if you disagree this is the spot in the dialogue where you lie] A is planning to spend the entire day digging plants and hauling and hauling and hauling.

I on the other hand am glibly planning to dig them all in the morning, have a jolly lunch together and then go and do something clever and fun that we haven't though of yet! I like optimism.

One last fond goodbye to the old garden of yore.....

And P.S.

While we're on the subject of gardens and home decorating...we were perpetually thinking about home decorating, right? Right. Anywho. I am in mad, mad love with this very expensive rug. Blast you Anthro.


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