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Friday, September 2, 2016

Shabbot, Canning and Tim Ferriss

I can't stop listening to Tim Ferriss podcasts. I am not a bro-grammer, an entrepreneur, a start-up aficionado, I don't weight lift and I have no interest in the financial sector...but still. Seriously, that Tim! He's one of my new favorites. I love his zest for life, his Paleo self, his laughter, clarity and his hilarious and transparent drunk episodes. I wish I could have him over for dinner, I'd make him a great roast chicken and we'd have a hilarious night of storytelling and knee slapping, I can just tell.

I am waffling back and forth between listening to Tim and listening to (don't laugh) a totally fabulous Orthodox Jewish housewife, Rivka Malka who runs a video blog on YouTube. She's fascinating, and Judaism is my study subject so I'm enthralled by everything about her world from how sex works in Jewish marriages to how in the world Jewish women get everything done for Shabbot....oh....and what in the world IS everything?

Speaking of Shabbot...last weekend I started observing. In a very small way. I'm not converting and I am in now way celebrating in a legit form but I think its a good practice to bring into my life. I've been thinking about having a day of rest for a long time and meaning to figure out how to actualize and I just realized that Judaism was the perfect hook to loop me into it, all the compelling interest and strategy and advice...and there I was, planning out our family celebration together. I've decided that for me Shabbot will mean:

  • A special tea party to kick things off the night before.
  • Lighted candles and a blessing over my children.
  • An entire day with no food prep and all meals served on paper plates.
  • No laundry or other housework
  • Permission to sleep in as late as I need to.
  • A long hot shower with all the extras and a nice cold rinse at the end (my favorite)
  • A break from my phone except for calling people I love.
  • A nap if needed or suggested by my husband. (I guess that's a nap or a "nap" then.)
  • A good hike.
  • Activities that fill me with joy. This weekend I painted and listened to my favorite music.
  • Some prayer and meditation.
So, one round under my belt....now to make it part of my rhythm of life. It feels good. I've been ready for this for a while. 

The garden is all whoppsy and long limbed and falling all over itself but even though there are an unbelievable amount of tangles and disordered corners there is also a heck of a lot of food out for being basically completely neglected for the last month, even in our dry season weather. Amazing! I have kale coming out my ears (wish I had enough basil to make a kale pesto or something. Am tempted to try freezing it somewhat obsessively but I have a feeling that the kale is just going to grow year round and be very happy here no matter the weather. The kale we have with us always.

 I planted two cherry tomato plants and I have little tomatoes coming out of my ears! Just tonight for dinner I cooked squash from our garden, an eggplant from the garden, kale from the garden and some herbs from the garden too. Amazing. I love this time of year. The tree that hangs down into our garden from the next door neighbors is loaded with beautiful apples and they are starting to fall off copiously. I have put the boys to apple collection detail every morning and I am just simmering a perpetual pot of applesauce and canning up pints of it whenever I get enough jars to fill the waterbath. It smells AMAZING in the house all the time and I have to say, these apples are totally wonderful tasting. I wish I knew what they were. This morning I also finished my first batch of roasted cherry tomatoes....I have been filling jars full of the roasted fruit and fresh herbs in layers and then covering with a good olive oil for long keeping too. Feels unbelievably good to be stashing and storing and laying up things in the garage for the cooler months ahead. 
May your crisper drawer run over and may your canning jars never run out....



  1. You are making my mouth water with those descriptions of your canning! Love it. (I made bitters and just put them in handy little bottles -- useful, but not nearly as tasty!)

    1. Wow! Am so curious. I have no idea how one makes bitters!

  2. Love this!!! Judaism is a fascinating religion. I studied it a bit in college.

    1. I didn't know that! I'm totally obsessed.

  3. As a lover of all things Jewish, I am so glad to hear you are dipping your toe in the waters of the sabbath rest! Maybe I shouldn't mention this, but a Jewish husband has the duty to make sure his wife is satisfied for Shabbos, and I assume you know what I mean. The meal for Saturday is prepared on Friday so no one does work on Saturday. 2 Loaves of Challah are bought on Friday for the same reason. And Mom, has the day off! Hallelujah!

    1. I had no idea that there were satisfaction obligations! HA! I need to try making some challah one of these days too.

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