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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Passionfruit Gifts

Check out this incredible fruit to my good friend gifted me after she harvested them herself from a farm she frequents. Only the coolest people are friends like this and come proffering exotic fruits and conspiratorial plans to use them to sprout plants in our yards in tandem. Love having people in my life who are givers, who see small things as gifts and who want to share this dynamic, interesting California life with me.

 Its a lesser known variety of passionfruit. This one won't be in the grocery stores...its way too thin skinned.

The fruit is about the size of a hen's egg and has the most tender, delicate feeling skin when fully ripe. The outer rind is the most gorgeous, dusty apricot with such a shocking, sweet, seedy pulp. Totally amazing! Can't wait to see it clambering in viney profusion over our garden fence. I hear the secret is just to take one of the fruits out to the garden and bury it like some secret sacrifice in the dirt.


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