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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Long Hair Journeys

I miss my long hair.
Super-long, last year....long enough to sit on. 

I mean, to normal people, I look like I have long hair. It is long. Its just not as long as it has been in the past....for me, its pretty short at the moment, barely sweeping waist length.
Super-long and braided...last year.

I've talked about my long hair before. I've always had it long. Always. Once, while I was in college I cut to a scandalous short bra-strap length but, that's about as short as my hair has ever been since I was a toddler. Its kind of been a love/hate thing. My mom has always been kind of vicarious about my long hair....okay, my dad too....  They both love it and now my husband loves it, and that has made me (at some stages of my life) kind of agressively question whether I actually loved it myself or if I was just scared of not being pleasing.
Last summer....after I trimmed the ends a little.

I have really thought about cutting it several times but there is something that just stops me. I know that growing out your hair takes time and nutrition and in many people its something much easier when you're young. I know that people it off and then mean to grow it out and again and never have the patience. I also know that there's a romance to having my hair long that is very personal. I love the connection to myth and history, the combination of wild woman and elegant damsel. I love the feel of it falling over my shoulders and the way it feels to swim underwater with long hair (total mermaid fantasy!), riding horses with long hair is also pretty idyllic. It "grew on me" and even though I have contemplated cutting it all off at some point, it has become one of my symbols and part of who I am. I no longer consider chopping it all but instead plan to have long silver and then white hair. One of the tricks with bleaching my hair (I do bleach) is that I have to do a lot of extra conditioning and pay attention to my ends, especially when it gets quite long.
This past Sunday

This last year I finally got my hair to a goal of hip-length and it was so much fun...but it also got totally abused and dried out and my ends were all damaged. I did a rejuvenating cut which took it way up to mid-back and back to healthy, strong strands...but it also makes me bite my lip when I look in the mirror. It takes so long to grow it back out! I'm trying Viviscal for a while to see if it makes a noticeable difference and brings back the length and fullness I am missing. I think its helping! This is my hair right now and its finally hitting waist length again.


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