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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

San Francisco Snow

Went for a hike today (here in California, mind) wherein I reminded my children to be careful not to step "on the thin parts, or you'll fall in!"

Still with me? We went to the salt flats to explore! Salt evaporation ponds are crazy! Beautiful colors some places, rust reds and dusty pinks to gray-blue shades with lots of glittering white in between.

It's astounding how much it looks like ice and snow, even in your hand. The brain says...."cold" but it isn't. Surreal stuff.

The poor baby was given a salt wafer about the size of cookie by a generous big brother who thought he'd enjoy throwing it to see it shatter. And instead he just ate it. Oops! Took me a panicked minute to figure out why he was coughing and spitting so vigorously from the carrier on my back. I don't think he'll ever overdose on salt again. Once bitten....

The boys and I picked wild fennel on the hike and I minced it into a marinade/rub for a beef roast tonight. So divine! Lemon zest, fennel, rosemary, olive oil, honey..... Dee made me proud saying with his mouth full: "Mom, I like it when you cook with all these right-here, California foods!"

Still thinking about all the glittering salt, in rock candy style formations all along the foot paths. Amazing! The world is an astounding place full of Suessical realities, y'all! Sweet dreams!

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