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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Shakespeare + Outdoors = Atmospheric Perfection

Enjoyed a very fine production of Shakespeare's As You Like It tonight. Whoever invented the tradition of free, outdoor civic performances of Shakespeare was a kind of genius. Of course this particular show was really excellently executed and cast (which helps immeasurably) but still...the outdoors +. W. Shakespeare is top notch. In the first place you can watch barefoot. Point taken, right?

At one point there was a mockingbird singing really beautifully over the head of an actor making an elegant speech in the greenwood, the sun set in the background as the plot intensified, periodically the wind would carry the scent of the blooming honeysuckle across the audience and at one point I leaned my head back and saw a pair of egrets lazily gliding overhead during a lull in the action. So lovely. The way Shakespeare should be experienced.

And also, as a side note...As You Like It is a beautiful, feminist comedy and romance. Will earned points with me for it.

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