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Monday, June 11, 2012

Life With Four

My mom has gone home, sailing back to her own life through a bright blue sky at the end of last week. I am mistress of my own galley again. And oh, how the poop deck needs swabbing! I was hoping to get a really solid jab at it this morning but instead we had a troop of gigantic Polish plumbers to the house to work on our collection of antique radiators.

They are all immense grinning men who wear heavy cologne and speak rapid fire staccato Polish to each other in hearty voices, running up and down my stairs between smoke breaks in the driveway. On said smoke breaks they all lean against their cargo van with cigarettes dangling from their big grins and make wise cracks at Ru who stands there in a Peter Pan pose on the lawn and peppers them with questions. Right now they're trying to teach him how to shout "Red and white!" in Polish so that he can cheer for their national soccer team. They're immensely more entertaining than housework. I have to give them that.

The boys all think it is extremely entertaining whenever we have workmen to the house of any kind. They still call them "Fixers" a mysterious race of able bodied, heavily biceped dudes who know how things work, arrive with battallions of tools and then proceed to do the unthinkable, take things apart and fix them! I admire their gusto for the trades but they are a bit hard to keep out from underfoot...especially since they keep multiplying! Four little boys is a lot of little boys sometimes! The plumbers have had the doors propped open on both ends of the house which means that I feel a little like I'm trying to keep a troup of trick poodles contained in a box with no flaps. Whew!

Otherwise, life is very jolly...we're reading Pippi Longstocking and eating all the sugar snap peas out of hand, and avoiding sweeping the floors far more than we should. The skies are clear and the weather is balmy and the baby is impossibly cuddle-able, so far so good. I did cry all the way home from the airport when I dropped off my mom but today a stunning bouquet arrived at my front door from her and so I am having a pretty upbeat beginning.

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