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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Swimming In A Waterfall

Number 38 on my Lifetime Bucket List, "Swim in a Waterfall"..........Check!

Pretty incredible feeling. We found this local spot via this amazing website I just found. Wanna check out your own local swimming hole secrets? Check out the amazing lists and scoops published and reviewed by other local swimmers at Swimmingholes.org.  What a really fun find! A and I thought it was a beautiful place to cool off together in the water after a picnicky date night out without the kids

Swimming area in the river, above the falls.

Playing with the feel of the waterfall. Pretty amazing.
I feel like we've put a pretty fabulous gold star on our summer activities with this one. It's not every day you discover secret, romantic water hang-outs. I felt like a character out of a mermaid legend, letting the water tumble over my hands. Major kudos to whichever romantic soul set that sturdy stump up under the waterfall, my Bucket List says thank you.

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